The 2018 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be hosted by the Washington Nationals on July 17th.  If you’re looking to host a group or entertain clients, now is the time to begin planning.  There are some options still available., so you and your guests can enjoy this “Midsummer Classic” in all its glory.

The first All-Star Game was held on July 6, 1933 at Comiskey Park in Chicago during the Chicago World’s Fair, making the festival like atmosphere of the event a long tradition.  Among the many events that have become a part of the pomp and ceremony are the Home Run Derby , The All-Star Futures Game and The All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game.  Since 2010, the ESPY Awards have followed on the Wednesday after the game.  Since 1933, baseball  fans have seen a little bit of everything, from superstars at their peak,  wild endings, extra innings, rain delays and everything in between.

Attending the Major League Baseball All Star Game goes above & beyond watching the players hit and throw the ball.  The true essence of the experience is in the scene at the stadium, the dynamic roar of the crowd, and the atmosphere that produces such a remarkable time. Premium seats and luxury suites for the MLB All Star Game  are  the best way to experience this truly unique and memorable experience. Unfortunately demand is and will be high, so prices are also high and availability, especially for suites, is limited.

Washington Nationals Park has many premium seating options.  From various suites to the Delta Sky360 Club, The PNC Diamond Club, The Gold Glove Club, and more.  Information regarding them can be found on the  Washington Nationals Website.  Here you will find a detailed list of the premium seating options, their location and the amenities included. Unfortunately, if you prefer to deal directly with the Washington Nationals, I have been informed that all the Premium seating plans are sold out, not only for the All Star Game, but for the season in general.

What this means is you will need to purchase your seats on the secondary market.  The PNC Diamond Club is located directly behind home plate and seats are available on SeatGeek from $3100 in row G to $5400 in row C.  Lower level outfield prices from SeatGeek range from  $690 to $900.  StubHub is offering Delta Sky36 tickets for $5000 to $8250 per ticket.   PNC Diamond seats on StubHub range from $2200  to $4600 and are plentiful.  Upper Gallery tickets start at around $350.

Unfortunately, if you still were hoping for a luxury suite, inventory at the Suite Experience Group is zero at this time.  SuiteHop also has a waiting list and no inventory currently available.

Once you’ve procured your tickets, you may like to arrive in style by booking a  private jet at Jetsmarter or Villiers.  Your guests will appreciate the extra amenity and if nothing else, you will probably get a lifetime of phone calls returned.  It’s always easy to book your stay at!








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